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Product Launch

Early Bird by Amy Adams

We have just released our first product, Early Bird, a handmade ceramic lamp in 7 beautiful pastel colours. The Early Bird is designed by New Yorker Amy Adams of Perch Design, and is now available from one of our retailers.

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Coming soon

Hanging Series by Lukas Peet

The Hanging series consist of a mirror and a clock, both based on a solid piece of wood which hangs from a rope that sits in a grooved edge of the solid wood plate. The rope clasp and the hour indicators on the clock are in brass.

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Also coming soon

Chapeau bowls by Milia Seyppel

Chapeau understands serving food as an aesthetic, even a poetic act in a way and becomes a game of forms. Chapeau is a set of porcelain bowls, which can be used to store food and serve such dishes as soups and dips.

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